How to Measure for Cabinet Doors

Cabinet door measurements are determined by the cabinet opening size and door overlay desired. For example on a single cabinet door opening 12 inches wide by 24 inches tall using a 1/2 inch overlay the door would be 13 inches wide by 25 inches tall (1/2 inch left and right added to the width and 1/2 inch top and bottom added to the height).

For openings with two cabinet doors and no center stile take the opening width divide by two and add the overlay. Example a 24 inch wide by 24 inch tall cabinet opening with 1/2 inch overlay would require two doors 12-1/2 x 25 (width 24 divided by two = 12 + 1/2 overlay = 12-1/2 height 24 + 1/2 top and 1/2 bottom = 25 ). Always write the width first.

Measuring Tip: Upper cabinet opening heights may vary slightly (+ or – 1/8 inch) if this is the case order all the doors based on the largest height to give the room a more uniform look.

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